Should I upgrade to Windows 7

My computer is about five years old and is running Windows XP. While it’s working okay, I’m finding it a bit slow.

I’d like to buy a new system but the reviews of Microsoft Vista were so were bad I decided not to until the new version of Windows came out.

Now Windows 7 is out, should I buy a new system or is it worthwhile waiting?

There’s no doubt it was worth waiting for Windows 7 as it’s far more polished and faster than Microsoft Vista.

Having said that, it is probably worthwhile holding off for a few weeks before taking the plunge to Windows 7 for four main reasons;

  1. There will be bugs
    Every operating system has some hiccups and while Windows 7 is probably the most tested program ever, there will still be the odd problem. Let the early adopters tear out their hair while sorting out the issues.
  2. The earlier adopter premium
    Early adopters are a key profit centre for the tech industry. If you want the latest mobile phone, computer or operating system you will pay dearly for the privilege to be the first on your street. Wait a few weeks and you’ll find prices will drop.
  3. Christmas sales
    Windows 7′s release date is deliberate. By having it on the shelves by the end of October, it means the latest systems are available for the Christmas sales rush. Expect to see some good deals in the run up to Christmas.
  4. Price wars
    It’s been a pretty torrid 12 months for PC manufacturers as the Global Financial Crisis has hit computer sales hard. To make things worse, Acer, Dell and HP are all in a race for market share. So you can expect some good prices on new systems as the big boys fight it out.

For these four reasons, it might be worthwhile waiting a month before buying a new system. While Windows 7 is a lot better than Vista, it’s not worth spending top dollar on just to be the first on the street.

So take it easy and shop around for some good deals.

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