Is there a simple way to stopping computer freezes?

Occasionally my computer, Fred freezes – Is there a simple technique to sort it out?

One of the least simple things in maintaining computers is dealing with “occasional” problems as it’s usually time consuming to figure out exactly what is causing the freezing.

The most common and simplest cause of freezing is a full hard drive. If that’s the case, our speeding up a computer advice will help you. Although if you are seriously short of space then a visit to your local computer tech is in order.

Sometimes the freezing is due to data errors on the hard drive, we have instructions for fixing this at our checking for data errors post.

Finally, if the freezing continues you need to note exactly what you are doing just before the system freezes. It could be a website, a software package or something wrong with your system’s hardware and the repair could be something simple from reinstalling a program right through to replacing your computer.

Should it be something more serious, have a computer tech look at the system before you spend a lot of money on repairs as it could simply be an older computer that has reached the end of its days.

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