Why are my computer games jerky and slow?

I am using an Intel P4 HT 3.0GHz, ASUS P5SD2-VM motherboard and a 512Mb of DDR2 RAM. All the games I run on my PC, even the lightest game e.g. IGI, GTA Vice City etc, jerk and swap greatly. I even tried to share about 256Mb of my RAM with the Internal VGA chip SIS Mirage 3, but the performance remains the same. Please try to solve this problem.

The problem is your system has an inadequate graphics card. The built in SIS car isn’t really capable of much beyond basic computing which is fine for doing email, most web surfing and office application but hopeless for anything that puts demands on the video capabilities.

Your best bet is to install a third party graphics card, according to the ASUS website this motherboard can fit one PCI-e expansion card. Consult your local computer technician on the right card to install, list the games you want to play so the most suitable card can be selected.

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    1. Rahil Khurshid Ali Says:

      Thanx for ur advice. Iam really desiring to play games such as call of duty modern warfare 2, dead space, mass effect, crysis etc on Dx 9. Which card do u recommend as suitable for my P4 3Ghz processor? I also upgraded my RAM from 512Mb to 2Gb.

    2. i have downloaded ashes cricket 09 from net i had burn/mount it but it wont work i used to click the game icon several times but it does not respond anything,only one time by luck it worked but not after that,plz tell me what should i do

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