A big blue padlock appears in my computer monitor

On my computer screen a big blue padlock has appeared. The computer seems to be working normally, but I can’t get rid of the padlock.

The problem appears with some brand name LCD monitors. It’s actually a security setting that seems to have a habit of turning itself on.

To fix it, there are four solutions;

  1. Press and hold the menu button for about 30 seconds
  2. Press the monitor’s volume decrease and channel up buttons at the same time
  3. Press the channel up and volume increase buttons on the monitor simultaneously
  4. Change the screen resolution as we’ve discussed previously.

These four solutions seem to all fix it. If none of them do, then it could be the monitor’s motherboard is misbehaving and it could be time for a new screen.

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    1. Thank you. Just got this box for the first time option 2 worked.

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