Cursor jumps around computer screen

I subscribe to your very interesting newsletter and I have a problem. When I’m trying to write anything. e.g. this email the cursor will tend to jump around the computer screen to where the positional arrow is at the time. Obviously it is very annoying and inhibits my assignment writing etc. I have looked through all the help sections but can’t find anything address it. I’m sure its probably only a minor adjustment, can you help please?

Jumping cursors are one of these nuisance problems that can be difficult to diagnose. The usual cause of this are laptop computer trackpads where the typist accidentally touches the pad causing the cursor to jump.

The simplest solution is to turn the trackpad off, this will be a setting on your laptop usually sitting in the manufacturer’s tools folders.

It can also be caused by faulty batteries in a cordless mouse or even a slightly unstable work surface causing the mouse to jump as you type.

There are situations where faulty software or drivers can cause the problem but without more information it’s really hard to find the cause.

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