Missing system 32 config file error when computer starts

turned my computer on and this error message appeared;


system is corrupt or missing.

Have tried looking online for solutions but none of them worked. At some point the computer would not accept the commands. any ideas?

What has happened is one of the important registry files has been damaged. Without this file, Windows can’t start.
Luckily Windows makes backups of these files and Microsoft has a detailed description on their website that walks you through the repair process. While the linked document is for Windows XP, the instructions are valid for Windows NT, Vista and Windows7.
Keep in mind that the instructions require you running a Windows repair from the installation disk and involve some serious command line instructions. If you aren’t confident in following these steps, it’s probably best to call a computer technician.

Usually data isn’t affected by a damaged registry file, however the damage can sometimes be an indicator that the hard drive is failing. So it’s important to check your hard drive for errors once the computer has been repaired.

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