Microsoft have called to say I have a virus in my computer

At dinner time somebody called saying they were from a company working for Microsoft, they told me my Windows computer had a security problem, probably a virus, and they needed to fix it for me. Do Microsoft make these calls and could I have an infected PC?”

The answer to first question is “no”, Microsoft don’t make these calls and you’re being targeted by a silly little scam that’s looking at conning you out of a $100 or so.

If you agree to these people running their remote service they will log in using a legitimate software program, usually LogMeIn and play around for a little while. At the end of their “repairs” they will have done little more than charge your credit card.

To date we haven’t heard of anyone having their data stolen or credit cards misused by these people but that’s all possible if you’ve let them onto your computer.

In answer to your second question, if you are worried you’re infected then you should follow our Removing a Trojan instructions or call a computer technician to check your system.

Should you have let one of these scammers onto your system, we’d strongly recommend getting your computer checked by an experienced technician and dispute any payments charged by these people.

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