How do I backup Windows Live Hotmail?

I use Windows Live Hotmail on Windows 7. How do I backup my emails?

One of the most irritating things to lose when a computer crashes or you replace it are your email and contacts.

Windows 7 comes with its own backup program which Microsoft shows you how to use it on their website.

If you select all your data, or at least your profile, the backup will save your Windows Live Hotmail data along with your contacts, favorites and all your other settings.

Once you’ve created the backup, we’d suggest using an online service like Dropbox or to keep a secure copy of these files.

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    One Response to “How do I backup Windows Live Hotmail?”

    1. For clarification, I believe the reference to Windows Live Hotmail is incorrect. It sounds like you should be referring to Windows Live Mail (WLM) — this is the client program and not the online email service.

      If you are using a Hotmail email address, you can access this account online from or download these emails (and other email accounts e.g. Gmail) into your WLM client program installed on your computer. The WLM data files are the ones to backup.

      These files are typically stored in:
      C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

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