iPhone camera roll album is hidden by Albums heading

When I open photos on my iPhone, my camera roll album is hidden under the top header “Albums” and I can’t open the roll. How can I access the iPhone’s camera roll?

This problem where the Albums header hides the iPhone camera roll seems to be a bug in the recent iOS software update which Apple will probably fix soon.

Fixing the Albums heading from hiding the camera roll can be done by doing a hard re-start of the phone.

Hold down the “Home” key, the big button on the front, and the off button on the top of the iPhone at the same time and hold both down for ten seconds.

The phone will restart and the iPhone Albums heading should no longer hide the camera roll album.

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    4 Responses to “iPhone camera roll album is hidden by Albums heading”

    1. I get this problem after usng certain apps, not always, just occasionally. but always the same apps. just turning he phone off (actually off, not sleep, but not a hard re-start either) has always worked for me.

    2. Thanks Kern ~ this worked for me. Much appreciated.

    3. There’s no need to do a hard reset.

      Just open the multitask bar (dbl click the home key)
      Close photo app
      Reopen photo app
      Problem gone (at least until it comes back next time)

    4. How can I do more than One album ?

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