Why does my computer slow down when I play games?

I have a 2-year-old PC running Windows 7 32-bit with all updates current. I have 4 GB of RAM. When I try to play Computer games for relaxation, after 2 or 3 minutes the whole action slows down. When not game playing the PC seems to work fine, it is only when I start up a game that the slowing down occurs. I have run ScanDisk, Check disk,defragged and run Mal and Spy ware checks, but still with no effect. I am running AVG for security, but nothing seems to help. Is there something that you can suggest, either some program or systm check that might be able to help me please?

Figuring out why your computer slows down when playing games depends upon which type of games you play on computer. Most web based games run on Adobe Flash while others use various programs to create the graphics you see on screen.

If these are Flash games you are using, the first step is to reinstall Adobe Flash and see if that fixes the problem.

For other platforms, you might want to check with the specific game websites to see if there is an upload available.

Another thing that will slow your computer when playing games is your computer’s graphic capacities. It may well be that your computer takes capacity off the main processor to run the graphics rather than use a dedicated Graphics Processor Unit (GPU), so a game will drag resources from the rest of the system and slow it down. This is quite common with cheaper computers.

There are usually settings you can use to change how the computer allocates resources, but the best solution to games slowing down your computer is to install a dedicated graphics card that will improve the system’s performance. This will probably cost a few hundred dollars including installation.

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    1. me too got the same problem i have a 2gig ram and a radeon HD 5450 graphic card every time i install a game my whole computer going so slow if anyone know how to fix this problem please tell me.

    2. My computer games works fine but after a month my Computer games suddenly slows down, my drives are messy i just dowload and copy paste any where to my drives and i didnt bother to defragment it or anything for a month, is it my the hard disk need to reformat to work my games fine again??help!!!Oh!! btw!!!my specs is good for gaming if you ask my specs theres no problem with it, but i dont understand my games suddenly slows down……
      please email me if you can solve my problem..thanks:)

    3. Graphics Card Installation will solve the problem as adobe flash player uses the graphics capacity of the computer and therefore dedicated graphics card is required.

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