Ticking noise from computer

I have a hp m9080a running windows vista ultimate. When i goto double click on internet explorer, a clicking/ticking noise starts to come from inside the computer. This noise continues to happen every few seconds while ever the internet explorer screen is up. the IE screen however stays blank and doesnt actually load the website. My PC is less than 6 months old. Your help would be much appreciated.

The ticking noise is probably from the system overheating. Some computers are set to give a warning when the CPU, Central Processing Unit’s, temperature goes above a certain level. The ticking is that warning.

Given this happens when Internet Explorer is opened, it indicates there is a problem with the program. The first suspicion is you have a malware infection so the first recommendation is to check your computer for viruses and Trojans.

If you have trouble opening Internet Explorer, you should be able to go straight to the websites by clicking Start, Run and typing the address into the run box.

If you do this you have to include either the http:// or www. at the start of the address so the computer knows it’s a web page and can use the right program.

We’d also recommend running Firefox and keeping Internet Explorer in reserve for websites that won’t work on anything else.

If the problem continues, it could be you have a hardware fault. As the machine should still be in its warranty, you should contact the manufacturer or retailer.

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