Internet Explorer keeps shutting down

We’re running XP and cannot open Internet Explorer.  The window opens momentarily and then we get the generic windows error message where the choices are debug, send, and don’t send.

While running a virus scan this message came up at the end of the scan.

“Access violation at address 004611f8 in module ie.exe. Read of address 0000000″

Any help on how to get Explorer back running again would be appreciated.

First of all it sounds like you are infected with malware. The access violation indicates something is seriously wrong with Internet Explorer. You must give your computer a full scan  for viruses and spyware before doing anything else.

Next, check you don’t have a hard drive problem by running chkdsk, we’ve previously covered how to do this.  It is possible a hard drive problem could be causing the access violation.

Finally, reinstall Internet Explorer. This is another question we’ve answered previously.

We’ve also covered random shut downs in Internet Explorer in an early post and we have further information there.

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