Outlook Express mail box damaged

OS Windows XP. My outlook express last week suddenly removed/hid? my e-mails from 28 Aug 08 and any incoming e-mails are counted ie., the number in the inbox increases but are either deleted or hidden?? Ones previous to 28/8/08 are still in the inbox. I have checked all the folders under the inbox & there are many, no new mail in them.  I think the total e-mails amounted to near 3,700 before this happened.  What have I done to make this happen or change the settings, in any case how do I fix it please?

Unfortunately your inbox has been damaged. This is an ongoing problem with Outlook Express.

A simple fix is to rename the inbox.

To do this first create a new mail box and copy all the old inbox emails into the new one.

Then find the mail store by opening Outlook Express clicking tools, then Options followed by the Store Folders option.

Copy the store folders location and close Outlook Express.

Click Start, then Run and paste the store folders location into the run box. Click Okay and the store folder will open.

Rename the inbox.dbx to inbox.old.

Restart and Outlook Express and a new inbox will be created.

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