Wireless modem not recognised

I have a Dodo mobile wireless broadband modem HUAWEI #E160E, and a Compaq presario C700 (C774TU) laptop.

The modem did work at first, but then I was doing Vista updates and the computer shutdown to re-start while the modem was still running along with a program that shows the processor and ram usage/speeds (displays on the right hand side of the screen).

The computer never restarted and I had to manually shut it down and re-start in safe mode. There is a partition to back up the necessary start up files, but I thought they would update automatically, apparently not. Now the modem won’t work and I don’t have a previous copy to revert back to and re-load.

The computer works fine when I uninstall the modem software, but if I try to re-install it, it will  ”hang” and won’t complete the installation. The processor goes wild at 100% and just stays there. I have to manually shut it down and start in safe mode to un-install the modem. I have tried to update drivers but that won’t work.

I notice that if I plug the modem in that it becomes listed a a “drive” or storage drive in devise manager, not as a modem (as im my desktop I now have it plugged into). What have I done?

The problem lies with your system not recognising the modem correctly and that’s probably messing up the installation routine.

Forcing the drivers to install is the first thing to try. Make sure the drivers are extracted or copied to a folder on your hard drive and then attempt the following.

Plug the modem in, let the system detect it as a “drive”, right click the drive in Device Manager and delete. Then run the modem installation program.

The second thing to try is to again delete the “drive” in Device Manager and then force a redetection by clicking Action and then Scan for hardware changes. When the system detects the device, choose the Install from a disk or specific location option and point the wizard to where you’ve saved the modem drivers.

Finally, if the system insists on detecting the modem as a “drive” then in Device Manager, right-click on the drive, choose Update driver and select the Install from a disk or specific location once again. Follow the wizard and that should resolve the problem.

Once you’ve done these, you may have to run the installation program again for the other associated wireless Internet software to work.

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    1. Brilliant! I deleted the datacard storage from the drives in the device manager tree, uninstalled all related drivers and software, plugged it back in and voila!
      Thanks, that was driving me nuts. 0_o

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