Browsers not connecting to Internet

For last 5 days none of the browsers that are on my computer are working even though there is no problem with the internet connection.

I also tried to disable the windows firewall and windows defender but they are still not working.

The suprising thing is gtalk and msn messenger are working fine. I have windows vista operating system and norton antivirus.

There are a number of things that could be causing this; the common problems are router settings, firewalls and our favourite, the malware infection.

With any Internet connection problem, it’s worthwhile checking for malware. Follow our instructions on Removing a Trojan, keeping in mind you’ll have to use another computer to download the programs.

The next thing to check are the firewalls. As you are using Norton Antivirus it is possible one of its functions is blocking the system, look for Internet Worm Protection in your Norton settings and try turning this off.

Finally, it could be your modem or router blocking Port 80 access. You’ll need to refer to your router manual and check that the WWW service or Port 80 hasn’t been blocked.

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