Internet disconnects after a phone call

Our home network consists of a PC hard wired to ADSL2 and a laptop through a router. When we receive a phone call on our landline, we lose the Broadband connection to the laptop when we answer the landline phone and also when we hang up. To our knowledge this has only developed recently.

Would you have suggestions as to the possible cause please?

Is the laptop hardwired to the router or connecting wirelessly?

If the cordless phone is interfering with a wireless connection then the telephone is broadcasting on a similar frequency to the router.

To fix this, you’ll have to try changing the wireless network channels on your router and you’ll find instructions to do this in the router’s instruction manual.

Cordless phones are notorious for interference with other devices on the same frequency. So if the problem continues you may have to replace the phone.

Should the problem be your network from disconnects from the Internet when someone rings, then it’s a filter problem. If you don’t have ADSL filters installed on all your phone connections, you need to do that.

If you do have filters, then one has failed and needs to be replaced. It’s going to be a matter of trial and error until you find the right one.

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    1. Had same problem commencing Nov 09, part one of the problem was Billion modem firmware installed was wrong for xp sp3 and I assume sp2 updates around that time, part two was I installed a ADSL v 1.0 filter faceplate of which the adsl socket contacts seem too high up for good contact with the adsl lead plug. Have installed the appropriate software and connected directly to the nte5 test socket with an adsl slitter filter, now as stable as can be.

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