You should see this video clip spam and possible virus

Hi,I received an email, that indicates the receiver’s name in my yahoo email as my mom’s first and last name and it states as the subject xxx xxxxx says you should see this video clip.
xxx xxxxx thinks you will really like this YouTube Video. Check it out! Sender From : xxx xxxxx

I clicked on the “Check it out” button unknowingly thinking it really was from my mom and it led me to some unusual webpage with a cartoon-like picture and didn\’t seem like a YouTube webpage,and I quickly escaped and clicked close. I then realised may after all not be from my mom and and I verified with her and she said she did not send me that email. I am very afraid it is some kind of a scam or virus attack, pls advise what I should do now!

You’re right to be concerned as this is a classic Trojan horse attack which is aimed at infecting your computer and there is a risk you’ve been infected. You should follow our Removing a Trojan instructions and if you are still concerned, call a computer technician.

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