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Somehow I downloaded a program called Playitall. It started to take over my computer, first by, when starting media player, pop ups occured asking for Playitall instead. I searched out this program within the computer and found it in program files and in documents and settings.

I went to add and remove and removed the program and then searched out any other programs with the same name in Explorer. Entrees that I found I deleted. I then went to the Registry and did the same.
I restarted the computer and was unable to start any programs.

All the Icons on the desktop were labled with .lnk. I did a sfc and that did not work. After all my efforts to restore .exe files, I installed my XP disk and did a total repair of the operating system (not Format). After this I downloaded all updates and service packs. Once completed< Playitall was back. I have researched this on Mcaffe, Norton,and AVG and also google and not come up with any answers. the research I have found is there are other people out there with the same problem but no answers.

The problem is PlayItAll is a poorly designed program that damages your critical file associations which means Windows doesn’t know what to open programs with.

To fix it, you’ll have to download a couple of the File Association fixes from Doug Knox’s excellent site. Specifically the ZIP Folder Association Fix, REG File Association Fix,EXE File Association Fix and the LNK (Shortcut) File Association Fix. Save all of these to a folder you can access easily.

Uninstall PlayItAll and follow Doug’s instructions on running the two fixes from the Command Line as they won’t work without the file associations.

You can then fix the problem by running first the Zip folder which will mean you can unzip the other three fixes.

Once you’ve unzipped the REG, EXE and LNK fixes, click CTR-ALT-DEL and choose File and New Task the type regedit into the box.

In the registry editor, choose File and import then select the REG fix that you unzipped earlier. Import the file and click Exit.

Once you’ve exited the Registry Editor you should be able to just click the EXE and LNK files for them to be automatically run, if not re-open REGEDIT and import them the same way as you did for the REG fix.

When finished, exit registry editor and reboot your computer. You may find some of the other file associations may need to be fixed as well. In the worst case, some programs may have to be reinstalled.

We’ve covered a similar problem in our Cannot Open Programs post.

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    1. This works! I now can use my computer .exe and .lnk files again. This has been the only thing that worked so well. (I also was trying to use FreeTextPad but I don’t know if it started working before or after I tried the suggestion posted here). I still can’t seem to do any system restore though so I’m not 100% sure I’m out of the woods yet.



    4. Whenever I click on the ZIP Folder Association Fix link it takes me to a white page that I don’t understand. I thought it was supposed to be a download, like the other links. If I can’t open zip files, I can’t fix anything.

    5. I got frustrated and went to sleep. When I woke up and booted my pc, I could open zip files again. Not sure how that happened. But I’m glad it did. Now, I’ve just gotta download the rest of the fixes and we’re back to normal, minus playitall. Thanks for the help, and providing the links, even if I didn’t give you enough time to answer my first question.

    6. I also had Playitall installed and when I went to add/delete programs and removed it, I lost all my associations with program .exe, .bat .com etc. I couldn’t even reinstall my Windows XP program from CD because it just sat there on the run window doing nothing. I did have internet access so, I tried the fixes suggested above. Problem is I couldn’t even run the fix it programs from the net. Catch 22 here, You need to run a fix it program but you can’t run programs. Couldn’t use RESTORE either no command would work in the Start/ Run Command area. Bottom Line a Microsoft Tech after 2 hours figured out how to access one of the fix it web sites and after running it a few seconds, I could at last access my Restore program and restore to a previous date. Works now, Thanks to Microsoft

    7. LightH0USE Says:

      Where can I go to correct the same problems caused by playitall and there affiliates if I am running Windows 7 ultimate.

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