Norton slows computer

I am having trouble with a slow computer it is a Compaq Presario aobut 3 years old..I have XP operating system and have recently updated my Norton antivirus software this being Norton Antivurus and Norton internet security and norton System works..since putting these into my computer it is running very slow and cannot have more that one application running at a time…
which is very frustrating…my emails keep timing out as well and i am on broadband..

Unfortunately this is a fairly common problem with Norton products. They are very memory intensive and this is why we don’t recommend them.

If you are going to stick with Norton then the first thing you must do is run the Live Update function and reboot everytime you are asked. Repeat the Live Updates until there are no more updates available.

Then run a full system scan on your computer to check there is no malware.

Given Norton’s poor record in detecting threats, we’d also recommend following the instructions in our Removing a Trojan page.

Next, you should run a clean up on your computer. Make sure you back up all your data first, however.

The email problem indicates Norton Internet Security is blocking your mail server. It could be that NIS is slowing the computer by blocking various functions.

Symantec have a number of suggested fixes for the computers for this problem. It’s also possible the computer is being slowed because some services want to connect to the net.

If none of these solutions work, we’d suggest investigating a different security package.

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    1. Berrie knight Says:

      Thanks paul….i am not very computer savvy so may need to look at getting someone to come help me clean up my computer…i so over this slow thing…and with business records on here I am very worried aobut loosing things..
      Thanks for your help..maybe i should just remove all my norton…but how to do it ?

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